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End of the trip

The time had come...These are my last days of my trip...

I met wonderful, great, lovely, awesome, weird and insane people and every of one could tell their own little story. With some of them I spent lots of time.

China and Hongkong: Yannick and Marie

Vietnam: Yannick, Law, Nandra, all the Reach people and Aiesecers, sorry for not mentioning all of you, but its just too many names!

Malaysia: Yannick, the awesome people from Zackery's guesthouse

Philippines: my whole family, Cati, Edward, Christophe

Indonesia: Nandra, Sams, Rindy, Veronica, Ahmed and all the staff of my school!

Cambodia: Thi, Jun, Anh & Perrine

Thailand: Alex


Traveling itself is just a gift and i really recommand it to everybody. Step out of the tourist areas, go on lower budget and experience the country and ty to speak the local language.

I loved my trip and it is just too bad that it is going to end. 6 months time and i can't really say that I saw every country in South East Asia nor can I say that I saw all of one country. It is always good to save something for the next time.

I love TUL & South East Asia!


26.3.14 12:42

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